The following are addenda and corrigenda to the 2nd edition Checklist published in 2004. The complete Checklist information is now online; please consult the other sections of the Checklist drop-down menu.


Books and Pamphlets

400. The Supremacy of God’s Law, by Paul Elder. 1913. Vest Pocket Helps #1
401. milk rhythm flame, by Nicholai Hetrovo. 1937.
402. Knowing the Truth, compiled by Paul Elder. 1913. Vest Pocket Helps #2
403. God’s Ever Presence, compiled by Paul Elder. 1913. Vest Pocket Helps #3
404. Addresses and Anecdotes, by Napoleon Bonaparte. Impression Classics #25
405. Selections from Prose, by Honore de Balzac. Impression Classics #26
406. Poems of Sentiment, by Lord Byron. Impressions Classics #27?
407. Some Fruits of Solitude, by William Penn. Impression Classics #28
408. Men and Women, by Robert Browning. Impression Classics #30
409. The Destruction of Pompeii, by Edward Bulwer. Impression Classics #31
410. Golden Wings, by William Morris. Impression Classics #32
411. Evangeline, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Impression Classics #33
412. Selections from Epictetus, by Epictetus. Impression Classics #34
413. Selected Poems, by John Boyle O’Reilly. Impression Classics #36
414. The Open Door, compiled by Paul Elder. 1913. Vest Pocket Helps #4
415. The Truth, compiled by Paul Elder. 1913. Vest Pocket Helps #5
416. The Divine Idea, compiled by Paul Elder. 1913. Vest Pocket Helps #6
417. Forgiveness, compiled by Paul Elder. 1913. Vest Pocket Helps #7
418. Material Needs, compiled by Paul Elder. 1913. Vest Pocket Helps #8
419. Mr Pickwick Is Sued For Breach Of Promise, by Charles Dickens. 1907. Langham Library of Humour #1. Simultaneously published by Siegle Hill & Co., London and Musson Book Company Ltd., Toronto. Perhaps also printed by Siegle, Hill & Co.
420. The Jolly Beggars, by Robert Burns. 1907. Langham Library of Humour #2. Simultaneously published by Siegle Hill & Co., London and Musson Book Company Ltd., Toronto. Perhaps also printed by Siegle, Hill & Co.

Selected Catalogues

C19. The Catalogue of the First Annual Exhibition and Sale of the Guild of Arts and Crafts, held in the Maple Room of the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California. Tomoye Press, 1903. [Held 10-12 December 1903]
C20. Catalogue From a Western Publisher, 1904.


Hall, Carlotta Case, 374
Ingerson, Charles Frank, 39
Mackie, Julia Manchester, 106
Partington, Gertrude, 106
Young, Ellsworth, 6

Series Index

S10. Langham Library of Humour (2 titles), 419, 420



Books and Pamphlets

1. Abelard and Helioseby Ella Costillo Bennett. Limited edition of 500, 1907. Trade edition, 1911.
6. An Alphabet of History, by Wilbur D. Nesbit. Illustrations by Ellsworth Young. 1905.
18. The Ascent of Man, by George Hansen. Elder & Shepard c1902. Baby Roland Booklets #2. No printer given.
19. The Auto Guest Book, by Ethel Watts-Mumford Grant and Richard Butler Glaenzer. 1906.
39. A Book of Hospitalities and a Record of Guests, by Arthur Guiterman. 1910. Embellishments by Charles Frank Ingerson.
60. The Child Andrea, by Karin N. Michaëlis. 1916. Translated from the Danish by J. Nilsen Laurvik. No printer given.
76. Consolatio, by Raymond Macdonald Alden. 1904.
106. The Fourth-Dimensional Reaches of the Exposition, by Cora Lenore Williams. Illustrations by Gertrude Partington. Poetry by Ormeida Curtis Harrison. Cover by Julia Manchester Mackie. 1916.
77. The Cotter’s Saturday Night And Other Poems, by Robert Burns. 1907. Introduction by Walter Taylor Field. Printer unknown. Abbey Classics #1.
125. His Calculations, by George Hansen. Elder & Shepard c1902. Baby Roland Booklets #5. No printer given.
137. In Company, by George Hansen. Elder & Shepard 1903. Baby Roland Booklets #4. No printer given.
157. The Life of a Successful Banker, by His Boswell [pseudonym of Samuel Green Murphy]. 1905. Limited edition of 55.
167. Love & Friendship, by Lillyan Shaffner. 1910. Decorations by Harold Sichel.
179. The Menehunes, by Emily Foster Day. Illustrations by Spencer Wright. 1905.
204. Ode on the Morning of Christ’s Nativity, by John Milton. 1907. Printer unknown. Abbey Classics #2.
237. Poem Delivered at the Dedication of the Pan-American Exposition, by Robert Cameron Rogers. 1901. Printed by Stanley-Taylor Co.
252. Rab and His Friends. Marjorie Fleming, by Dr. John Brown. Elder & Shepard, 1902. Printed by Stanley-Taylor Company.
255. The Raven, and The Philosophy of Composition, by Edgar Allan Poe. Illustrations by Galen J. Perrett. Decorations by Will Jenkins. 1907. Limited edition of 1000.
280. The Secrets of Beauty & Mysteries of Health, by Cora Brown Potter. 1908.
304. Songs of Content, by Ralph E. Gibbs. Introduction by Charles Mills Gayley. 1903. Second edition 1911.
315. The Soul of an Artist, by Neera [pseudonym of Anna Zuccari Radius]. Translated by E. L. Murison. Introduction by L. D. Ventura. 1905. Reprinted 1906.
345. The True Historie of the Knyght of the Burning Pestle, by the English Club of Stanford University. Elder & Shepard 1903.
353. Vespers, by George Hansen. Elder & Shepard 1902. Baby Roland Booklets #1. No printer given.
367. Winter Butterflies in Bolinas, by Mary D. Barber. Decorations by Rudolph F. Schaeffer. 1918.
374. A Yosemite Flora, by Harvey Monroe Hall and Carlotta Case Hall. 1912. Printed by Taylor, Nash & Taylor.
378. Sonnets of Spinsterhood, by Snow Longley. Decorations by Audley B. Wells. 1915.

Series Index

S8. Vest Pocket Helps (8 titles, incorrectly titled Vest Pocket Tracts in the printed checklists), 400, 402, 402, 414, 415, 416, 417, 418


Bacon, John B. F., 92
Burns, Robert, 77, 420
Dickens, Charles, 64, 208, 419
English Club of Stanford University, 345
Haines, Jennie Day, 36, 65, 318, 329, 360, 373
Hall, Harvey Monroe, 374
Laurvik, J. Nilsen, 54, 60
Malter, Mabel P., 97
St. George (pseudonym of Mabel P. Malter), 97
Schaeffer, Rudolph F., 150, 198, 367
Shaffner, Lillyan, 167
Smith, Laura M. Greer, 194
Wright, Spencer, 3, 65, 110, 179, 360, 373 (possibly the same person as W. S. Wright)

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