Impression Leaflets, 1904. As listed in catalog C20, the 1904 Catalog from a Western Publisher:

  1. “Then Welcome Each Rebuff,” by Robert Browning
  2. “Inspiration,” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  3. “Peace,” by Edward Rowland Sill
  4. “Work, Life, Happiness,” a Hindu maxim
  5. “Climb the Mountains,” by John Muir
  6. “The Truth That Is Real,” by David Starr Jordan
  7. “Let Not Him That Seeketh Cease,” from the sayings of Jesus
  8. “Life,” by Edward Rowland Sill
  9. “A Prayer for the Day’s Help,” by Robert Louis Stevenson
  10. “The Best Things Are Nearest”
  11. “Work, Play, And Happiness,” by Gelett Burgess
  12. “O For a Booke And a Shadie Nooke”