San Francisco Public Library 2004

Publicity for the 2004 Paul Elder exhibition

In 2004, I organized and curated an exhibition on Paul Elder & Company at the San Francisco Public Library, held at the Skylight Gallery on the 6th floor, from January 17 to March 21.

The most satisfying part of curating an exhibition is seeing the pleasure that it brings the visitors. The Library always puts out a book in the Skylight Gallery for visitors to write their comments. Many visitors were those who came specifically to see the Paul Elder exhibition, and their comments were very gratifying. But there are also many less fortunate souls who come to the Library just looking to get off the street for a few hours. They like the Skylight Gallery too: quiet, calm, not a lot of other people. A fellow named Lone Wolf signed in nine different times over eight weeks. And then there was the visitor who came for an altogether different reason, and who left my favorite comment: “Don’t like the books, but it’s a great place to make out.”

Here are some photos from the exhibition.

Case 1 – Welcome
Case 2 – William Doxey
Case 3 – Morgan Shepard
Case 4 – Paul Elder books I
Case 5 – Paul Elder books II
Case 6 – Paul Elder books III
Case 7 – Japan
Case 8 – San Francisco
Case 9 – Children’s Books
Case 10 – Varied bindings
Case 11 – Travel & Religion
Case 12 – Humor
Case 13 – John Henry Nash
Case 14 – Panama-Pacific International Exposition
Case 15 – An Illustrious Career
Case 16 – Objets d’Art
Case 17 – California
Case 18 – A Potpourri of Elder titles
Wall case
Skylight Gallery
Skylight Gallery
Skylight Gallery