Impression Leaflets, 1904. As listed in catalog C20, the 1904 Catalog from a Western Publisher:

  1. “To Be Honest, To Be Kind,” by Robert Louis Stevenson
  2. “My Symphony,” by William Henry Channing
  3. “The Worldly Wisdom of Naureddin Ali”
  4. “He Ate and Drank the Precious Words,” by Emily Dickinson
  5. “Impressions of an Optimist,” by Regina Wilson
  6. “The Value of a Simply Good Life,” by Edward Howard Griggs
  7. “The Friendship of Books,” by Washington Irving
  8. “Self-Dependence,” by Matthew Arnold
  9. “Success for Young Men,” by Charles A. Murdock
  10. “The Value of a Friend,” by Robert Louis Stevenson
  11. “Influence,” by Fanny Kemble
  12. “A Wise Dog Will Observe These Laws”
  13. “Life’s Mirror,” by Madeline S. Bridges
  14. “Carpe Diem,” by William Henry Hudson
  15. “The Love of Reading,” by W. E. H. Lecky
  16. “Attainment,” by Edward Robeson Taylor
  17. Impression Bookmark
  18. “On Easy Lives,” by Phillips Brooks
  19. “Requiem,” by Robert Louis Stevenson
  20. “I Am The Captain Of My Soul,” by William Ernest Henley
  21. “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes,” by
  22. “Happy Thought,” by Robert Louis Stevenson
  23. “Today Is Your Day And Mine,” by David Starr Jordan
  24. “A Heaven On Earth,”
  25. “A Smile”
  26. “A Prayer,” by Robert Louis Stevenson
  27. “Maxims,” by La Rochefoucauld
  28. “My Creed,” by John Ruskin
  29. “Morality,” by Robert Louis Stevenson
  30. “Happiness,” by George W. Cable
  31. “Religion In Life,” by Stopford A. Brooke
  32. “An Ideal of Life,” by Edward Howard Griggs