Impressions Magazine

On 1 March 1899, Paul Elder and Morgan Shepard published “a monthly leaflet of book-notes” entitled Personal Impressions. After about six issues in leaflet form, the publication was upgraded to a monthly magazine format in March 1900, with cover artwork by Morgan Shepard. In September 1900 the magazine was renamed Impressions and given a new cover design. In March 1902 the magazine, with another new cover, was renamed Impressions Quarterly and publication was reduced to four issues per year. In March 1904 the cover was redesigned for a final time. The final issue of Impressions Quarterly was in December 1905.

Through all the changes, the contents remained fairly steady: an interesting mix of articles (usually excerpts from a book that Elder wished to highlight that month), criticism, artwork and advertisements (for both Elder’s publications and other San Francisco businesses).

Personal Impressions
The inaugural issue of "Personal Impressions", March 1899. One folded sheet, printed only on the recto of each leaf.
Impressions Aug 1900 cover
The August 1900 issue of "Personal Impressions," after expansion into magazine format
Impressions Oct 1900 cover
October 1900 issue, now renamed "Impressions"
Impressions Dec 1903 cover
December 1903 issue, now renamed "Impressions Quarterly" and issued four times per year.
Impressions Jun 1904 cover
June 1904 issue of "Impressions Quarterly," showing the final cover redesign