Animal Analogues

by david on 14 July 2012

Animal Analogues cover

Cover of “Animal Analogues”

If you liked How To Tell the Birds From the Flowers, then you’ll love Animal Analogues. That’s what Paul Elder thought too, and so in 1908 he published Robert Williams Wood’s sequel to similar acclaim. As any author can tell you, sequels are notoriously difficult to write, but Wood pulled it off, with poetry and drawings to delight old and young alike.

The cover says “Denatured Series No. 24”, but the series began with How To Tell the Birds From the Flowers as #23, and Wood wrote no further books in this series.

Animal Analogues title

Title page of “Animal Analogues”

Animal Analogues p10

Pages 10-11 of “Animal Analogues”

Animal Analogues p14

Pages 14-15 of “Animal Analogues”

Animal Analogues p20

Pages 20-21 of “Animal Analogues”

Animal Analogues p28

Page 28 of “Animal Analogues”

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