Teddy Sunbeam

“Little Fables for Little Housekeepers” is the subtitle of this 1905 children’s book by Charlotte Grace Sperry. The idea, it seems, was that if you read your son or daughter a bedtime story about housecleaning, he or she would cheerfully help you mop the kitchen floor the next morning. Whatever works, but I’m thinking the kids are going to catch on pretty quickly.

The artist’s initials are A. R. W. — possibly Albertine Randall Wheelan, who drew the frontispieces for two of the Western Classics series.

TeddySunbeam cover
Cover of "Teddy Sunbeam"
TeddySunbeam title
Title page of "Teddy Sunbeam"
TeddySunbeam interior
The story of "Miss Lend-a-Hand"
TeddySunbeam endpaper
Endpapers of "Teddy Sunbeam". Happy little dustpans!