Love & Friendship

Cover of "Love & Friendship"
Cover of “Love & Friendship”

If one had to choose a prototypical Paul Elder gift title, elegant yet undemanding of the reader, Lillyan Shaffner’s Love & Friendship (1910) would be a perfect choice. Indeed, I have many Elders inscribed, for example, “to Miss Hopkins, from Charles Johnson.” How better to court the lady of your dreams but with a lovely little booklet that can be read in a single evening?

Perhaps that is the biggest reason that Paul Elder printed so many volumes of aphorisms and quotations. As has been noted in previous posts, Elder had quite a fondness for them, and compiled and edited many collections himself.

Frontispiece and title page of "Love & Friendship"
Frontispiece and title page of “Love & Friendship”

The wraparound decorations are by Harold Sichel, one of Elder’s favorite artists; his HS monogram appears at the bottom of the page. The typography and two-color design are by the exacting printer John Henry Nash. Love & Friendship is one of many booklets that came in matching envelopes, such as the one pictured below.

Pages 4-5 of "Love & Friendship"
Pages 4-5 of “Love & Friendship”

I have been unable to locate any information on the author, Lillyan Shaffner.

Matching envelope for "Love & Friendship"
Matching envelope for “Love & Friendship”