Prosit cover
Cover of “Prosit”. The motto “nunc est bibendum” comes from Horace’s Odes, and means “now is the time to drink”

What better book for ringing in the New Year than a book of toasts? Prosit — A Book of Toasts (1904) was written by “Clotho,” but everyone knew this to be a pseudonym of the Spinner’s Club, a popular women’s club in San Francisco dedicated to encouraging creative genius in women.

Happy New Year to all from! May you keep all your resolutions!

Prosit cover alternate
Alternate cover for “Prosit” with cloth ties
Alternate leather binding of "Prosit"
Alternate leather binding of “Prosit”
Prosit title
Title page of “Prosit”. Frontispiece by Gordon Ross.
Prosit p72
“Prosit”, page 72-73