Observations of Jay (A Dog)

Title page of "Observations of Jay"
Title page of “Observations of Jay”

Morgan Shepard published six of his own books during the Elder & Shepard partnership. One was a volume of poetry, and the other five were children’s books. The most successful of those (to judge from the extant copies available today) was Observations of Jay (A Dog) and Other Stories in 1900.

The book is furnished with delightful Art Nouveau illustrations, probably by Shepard himself.

Page 9 of “Observations of Jay”
Page 21 of “Observations of Jay”
Page 47 of “Observations of Jay”
Page 56-7 of “Observations of Jay”
Page 69 of "Observations of Jay"
Page 69 of “Observations of Jay”
Page 123 of "Observations of Jay"
Page 123 of “Observations of Jay”